House of Colors Candy Paint Chart

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Recently, house of colors candy paint chart became a popular option for people to choose a colour scheme.  The colours are popular and readily available. It is easily applied and the finish looks very professional.

The decision which colour to choose is made easier by the use of house of colors candy paint chart.

house of colors candy paint chart

House of Color Chart


Tips to consider when using a house of colors candy paint chart

When you are choosing your colour from the House of colours candy paint chart, there is some aspects you have to take into consideration.  One of them is the use of a spray gun so as to give the best finish. The base coat must be applied to seal the metal and should be accomplished in one application to give an even finish.

Allow it to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat.   1-10 coats should be applied depending on the darkness you wish.  To get the best result, the paint needs to be sprayed on a very thinly to avoid any runs in the paint.

New Paint Line

One of the most  difficult aspects  will be  mixing the Trans nebulae paint to the FX Pac. The function of the Trans nebulae paint is to act as the neutral base coat. It is difficult to develop the right color hue  working with the FX Pac.

So you need to use Kandy Concentrate while the Trans nebulae paint is being mixed.  Remember that Kandy concentrate should be  thoroughly dry before the clear coating is applied. As this new system is designed for professional painters to use, it will need some skill in applying this new paint line, If you are an amateur at this process.

Care is required when matching the colour that is chosen from the House of Candy Color Chart, and the instructions for applying should be followed. The slightest mistake could result in an imperfect finish.

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