Try Using Lowes Paint Color Charts For Your Next Renovation

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It is important when preparing to paint and decorate your home, that you get the right advice for your color scheme. Lowe’s paint colors chart will have all the information that you will need to complete a successful renovation project.

With a wide variety of color combinations offered on the chart, you have plenty of choices for color.  Except for white all the colors are made up of three primary colors, which are blue, red, and yellow.

Lowe's Paint Colors

Lowe’s Paint Colors

How to choose a color using the Lowe’s paint colors chart

Sometimes, experimenting with color combinations can be really challenging.  However, Lowe’s paint colors chart makes it easy for you to choose.

You will find many suggestions for color schemes from basic colors, secondary colors, and even tertiary colors on the chart.

Lowe'sPaint Colors chart

Lowe Paint Color Palette

What to do before choosing a color

However, before you choose the color theme from Lowes paint color chart for your renovation project at home.  Take the tie to familiarize yourself a bit with colors, their combinations, and also their effects.

Violet, green, light blue, and their intermediates are associated with landscapes.  While skies, oceans, and water is dominant and bring calm and cool effects, which makes them perfect for a bedroom, office room, or living room.

On the other hand, in order to increase your appetite, and strong responses, raise your energy level, and create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, cozy and warm colors such as yellow, red, and orange, which are associated with fire, heat, and sunshine, are usually used in a kitchen.

Lowe's Paint Colors Scheme

Lowe Paint Color Scheme

Although you may have picked the colors for your home, keep in mind the use of accent paint colors for your room. We recommended using four with two patterns with either a particular color scheme or one of a monochromatic tone.

Use only one main color with several tones if you want to create an energetic color scheme.

How to mix Lowe’s paint colors with other brands.

Lowes’ paint color charts are amazing.  With a wide selection of colors, you can choose from.  But what if you want a color tine that is not on there?  Yes believe it or not. You can tint other brand colors into Lowes paints with custom color matching.

Here is a great article to read about how to match another paint branch into Lowe’s paint from Porchdaydreamer.

Who owns Lowes Paints?

Lowes paint colors were owned and manufactured by The Valspar Corporation.  Sherin-Williams acquired them in 2017 and now employs approximately 60 000 associates worldwide.

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