Kwal Paint Color Chart

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One of the most popular colour charts that have helped people decorate is the Kwal paint color chart. Their color wheel is designed to help you decide the colour schemes for your interior and exterior home improvements.

How to use the Kwal Paint Color Chart

The Kwal paint color charts are actually pretty simple to understand.  The colour chart is divided into three parts:

  • Primary colours
  • Secondary colours
  • Tertiary colours.
Kwal Paint Color Chart

Kwal Paint Color Chart


Primary Kwal paint colours

Primary colors are shown on the Kwal paint color chart as red, blue and yellow. Those colors are called primary colors as you can’t create them by mixing one colour with another colour. They are also referred to as true colours because these are the ones that are used to produce various other colours.

Secondary Kwal paint colours

Secondary colours are produced by combining two primary colours.  You may produce some secondary colours from a colour amalgamating process.  You will get colours like orange, green and violet.

Tertiary Kwal paint colours

Tertiary colours are created by mixing one secondary colour with one primary colour.  You have a wide range of colours you can pick from here such as the combination of red and violet, red and orange, blue and green, blue and violet, yellow and orange, or even green and yellow.

Making the Kwal paint color chart work for you

If you are house decorating you need to use a color chart like the Kwal paint color chart to pick a  suitable color scheme.  You can match most color combinations using this paint color chart, by matching colors in their family colours.

Anyone that is familiar with house painting will understand the mechanism of a color chart. The use of a colour chart is an important element when house painting. Since each combination has a different sense of moods, you are able to decide the most suitable colour combinations for your room.

Colors in a room will elicit a feeling or mood.  Choosing colors like violet, blue or turquoise green colours will provide a serene and gentle atmosphere in your room.  Those types of colour combinations are perfect for a relaxing atmosphere, like the bedroom.

General Paint Color Chart

General Paint Color Chart

Matching moods with paint colours

Some color combinations give a sense of warmth and inspire moods.  If you want a more exhilarating atmosphere to go with the brighter end of the spectrum.  Choosing the right colours for any rooms is about creating an atmosphere that will be stimulating.

You can blend colour schemes in any rooms that used for work, such as kitchen, study rooms and even the office.  Always match colours in the room to the purpose of the room. Talk to a professional about the Kwal paint color chart if you are a little stuck.  Using a colour chart you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

A well-blended colour scheme with make any home decor.  Try talking to a professional painter can really help when you are choosing and colour scheme.  You want blended colours, not colours that don’t match at all.

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