Multi-Level Kitchen Island Design Ideas

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Decent multi-level kitchen island design ideas are made to look interesting and customized as well as functional. Height is important when designing island benches, so as to be comfortable when using them. Sometimes they are made to a building standard specifications.  But really they need to be individualized as to the height that is best suited to the person who uses it the most.

Obviously not every person using a kitchen is of the same height.  Sorting, cooking, and storing purchases from grocery shopping, banquet space for entertaining, everyday dining, or serving casual dishes like pizzas, or even doing homework and paperwork for the home or your job may be performed on this bench so height is important.

Multi Level Kitchen Island

Multi Level Kitchen Island

Easy Multi-Level Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Food Prep

A level, which is designed to accommodate food preparation with ease and comfort, should be created. A standard countertop height of 36 inches is normally used.  However, to make it a comfortable height for the cook it is a simple task to adjust the measurement up or down so that he or she can complete everyday tasks such as mixing ingredients in bowls, cutting vegetables and rolling out dough.

A small second sink may be included in the budget for a multi-level kitchen island design ideas permits for greater ease when food preparation is in progress.  A  garbage disposal unit is also an added bonus for disposing of food scraps. To provide adequate workspace, a food prep area should be no less than 4 feet.

Kitchen Desk

Multi-level kitchen designs may have included a small desk built in to accommodate sorting the mail and household papers. For comfortable seating, the desk should be of a standard desk height of 24 to 26 inches with enough clearance for the legs to sit comfortably.

To store scissors, tape, letter openers, and general office supplies, the drawers would be an advantage to be included in the desk. Additionally, for sorting mail, give the desk a “secretary” style with a built-in rack. Alternatively, in order to keep the desk uncluttered and to keep mail and paperwork away from public view, file cabinets could be built on the sides of the desk.

Lower Level Open Shelves

In order to display cookbooks and bowls, extra space should be considered also. Two shelves may be built underneath the cooktop or prep area, which will give you easy access to cookbooks tanda a handy spot for large mixing bowls and storing space-consuming appliances like a toaster, mixer, or food processor.

They will also be less visible if the shelves are underneath the cooktop.  It helps to keep your kitchen looking neat and orderly.

Multi-Level Kitchen Island Idea

Multi-Level Kitchen Island Idea

Bar-height Eating Level

For serving and eating foods, a bar-height countertop may be used and be added to the multi-level kitchen island design. To accommodate the height of bar stools, most bars in kitchens have a height of 3 to 4 feet.

This provides creativity in designing the island with a tall bar.  Especially if you have a cooktop on the opposite side on a lower level.  That way it gives a bistro or bar and grill effect.

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