Arts and Crafts Style Kitchen Design

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Though knowing where to start or what style to choose may be daunting, a well-designed kitchen is a signature statement of a homeowner. Here is a brief look at a few styles and what they have to offer.  With design being a globally influenced phenomenon, may make style decisions easier.  Such as an Arts and Crafts style kitchen, Contemporary, Traditional or even Country styles may all considered.




Though the Arts and Crafts style kitchen design was carried over to America by 1870, their movement actually began in England in the early 1800’s. In America, Arts and Crafts style kitchen design underwent several changes and became known as the Mission design.

“By providing furnishings created by and for the common person, the purpose of the Arts and Crafts style kitchen design was to challenge the style elements of the Victorian era, according to sources at Cornell University.

The Traditional style of design is known for its display of formal elegance that was influenced by European and American houses of the 18th and 19th centuries. Coordinated use of space all around, in historic, contemporary design was focused on function, form, and practicality.

Contemporary style designers began to realize that less could be more, according to information found at, and the style grew in popularity.

Arts and Crafts Mission and Shaker Style Kitchens

Arts and Crafts Mission and Shaker Style Kitchens


Simplicity is the key to Contemporary style, but the challenge lies in not being boring. This is accomplished by avoiding any ornate molding and incorporating clean, horizontal lines into the kitchen.

A mixture of man-made materials is contained in contemporary kitchens.  Such as aluminum, iron, steel, concrete, glass, and laminate, with natural materials such as wood, stone, and textiles.

The kitchens should feature colored laminate or stone countertops.  With frameless cabinets with flat slab doors and frosted glass additions to project a clean, uncluttered look.

On the other hand, the focus should be placed on functionality and craftsmanship.  If you want to decorate a kitchen in the Arts and Crafts style kitchen design. The use of neutral tones of nature and furniture is called for with this style, such as an island bench or chopping block tables that incorporate strong bold lines.

The charm of this style may be increased by flush frame cabinets with recessed doors and lighting fixtures with stained glass.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

An informal, down-home atmosphere that feels cozy and inviting is created by Modern Country kitchens, they are sturdy very functional. Country kitchens are also concerned with form and function over decor, like the Arts & Crafts style kitchen design.

Wainscoting and chair rails are often used on the walls and textiles by Country style kitchens.  And also patterns that have a homemade feel for window dressings and wall coverings.

Some of the characteristics of the traditional style are finely crafted pieces of furniture.  All designed with inlay surfaces, soft lines, and elaborate embellishments. The kitchen is given a classic and elegant atmosphere by carved crown moldings, corbels, and decorative trim. The use of richly grained stone, wood, and other natural materials is often complimented with antique applications.

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