6 Kitchen Remodelling Mistakes That You Might Be Making

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Anyone who has undertaken a home remodeling project has a story to share about their experience. You can expect delayed projects, stubborn contractors, or an endless list of materials to buy.  When it comes to kitchens, here are six common kitchen remodelling mistakes to avoid during remodeling to achieve your dream kitchen and to save a few dollars.

kitchen remodelling mistakes

Expect kitchen remodeling mistakes to happen

Expect problems and delays to occur.  The most vital thing is your contractor’s dedication and ability to handle issues as they happen.

If a contractor discovers problems with your flooring that requires the attention of a flooring professional.  You want them to let you know immediately. Professional experienced contractors will come up with a solution to keep the project going without wasting time or money.

Expecting a finished kitchen before the project is complete.

This means that you should make prior arrangements before starting a remodeling project. Cabinet refacing won’t shut down your cooking area, but new counter-tops together with refacing will. Most likely you will have no sink and running water for a couple of days.

New kitchens are out of bounds on the first day, the old cabinetry is torn out. Depending on the kitchen design and contractor, it might take up to 4 weeks, to have a functional kitchen.

Starting a kitchen remodeling project before choosing your appliances

Choose your kitchen appliances such as fridges and stoves early in the planning stage. Any experienced contractor can help you arrange a perfect fit for any appliance into custom cabinetry. This especially applies to cooktops, large refrigerators, built-in microwaves, and wall ovens.

Don’t pay upfront for the kitchen remodel project

The contract needs to order materials to suit your design before the project starts.  Expect to make a deposit before starting the project.  Withdrawing from the project, the deposit acts as a contractor’s safety net.

Nevertheless, you also need a safety net. It is wise to leave an outstanding amount until the kitchen is complete. If your contractor doesn’t complete the project then you have to find another contractor.  You need to make sure the contractor has an incentive to complete the project quickly and on budget.

Doing away with the kitchen splash-back

Most homeowners consider a kitchen splash-back optional, as well as an area to save some cash on their renovation project. This mistake can end up costing more.

Tip: Consider a splash-back as your home’s bib. It adds value to your home and makes your kitchen easy to tidy up.

Overemphasizing fashion over function

Tends don’t last long, especially kitchen trends.  Styles and colors that are popular one season, fall out the next season. Kitchen remodeling isn’t a monthly project, don’t pick passing styles in favor of great designs which are long-lasting.

Tip: The main aim of your remodel project should be to create a space that your family can enjoy for decades.


  • Check the contractors’ testimonials carefully in advance. Contact some of their references, talk to family and friends who might have hired them in the past. Any contractor with complaints from different clients, avoid them.
  • A highly experienced, licensed, and insured contractor will save time and money.

Planning is the key element to a smooth kitchen remodels project without making simple kitchen remodeling mistakes.  A half-finished kitchen is the absolute worse outcome.

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