What’s Trending In Your Home For 2022 ?

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As July is coming, it’s fair to say that summer is well on its way.  With everything that has happened in the last couple of years, many of us are seeking a change of scenery. So what better time than now to think about a room makeover.  Home renovations trends change over time, remember the 70’s shag pile rugs.  Well here are some of the best home trends in 2022, you can focus on.

The best home trends in 2022 for a makeover

However, before you dash to your local DIY store you might want to take a look at what’s trending in the home in 2022.

In with functional and out with flashy!

There’s a growing trend in 2022 to focus on design ideas that are more sustainable rather than just because they look good.

In these cash strapped times practicality wins hands down over grandeur. Floor plans complete with a good flow are bang on-trend.  As homeowners prefer to make the most use of space with multifunctional living.

Enlarging the kitchen and integrating it into the family living space is popular right now. Also the addition of a home office is very ‘on trend’ as more and more people tend to work from home. It can also double up as a place where the kids can do their homework.

home trends 2022

Home Trends in 2022 to jazz up your living space

If you don’t have the budget for a full scale remodelling project then consider experimenting with colours, shades and textures.

Colours that are big in 2022 are bold hues such as Emerald Green, and Orange, but pastel colours such as Coastal Blue and neutral colours such as Gray are also big.

Just a small addition of cushions or throws in this year’s hot colours can also make all the difference.

If you tend to live more in your kitchen, why not jazz up your Wood Kitchen Cabinets, tiles, or splashbacks and bring back the wow factor to your jaded kitchen. Pale Shaker kitchen cabinets for example can be jazzed up using strong colour accents.

Splashbacks can be covered using adhesive plastic tiling, or subway tiles can be transformed with a splash of accent colour.

choosing kitchen cabinets

Safety is key

Really important things to know before beginning a DIY project is where the main shut off valves are located for the utilities. People should know how to turn off the power sources in their homes for water, electricity and gas.

It’s absolutely critical in an emergency as you never know what surprise you might find behind a wall.

Go green at home

One of the biggest trends for 2022 is to go green (we’re not talking the colour but more the environmental impact). Recently government incentives have made it not only easier but far more economically viable to make the transformation.

Taking steps such as replacing old appliances or white goods for newer energy efficient models is a huge trend right now and probably will be for the next few years at least.

After all, who wouldn’t want to save money on household bills? If a major appliance change just isn’t in the budget there are other things that you can do to watch the pennies.

go green 2022

How about changing to energy efficient light bulbs, or sealing up leaky windows and doors, or laying insulation your attic space? Whatever you decide, we all agree that it’s good to go green.

So armed with your new found knowledge and enthusiasm, you can really set to work. The only thing that may be limiting apart from your budget just might be your imagination.

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