Tips on Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

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We all have rooms in our home that we want to makeover, as design ideas and preferences change with time. What might have been the in-style when you were building or moving into your home, maybe outdated now.  Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are usually the rooms homeowners start with.

It’s possible to make your kitchen and bathroom look contemporary without having to spend a lot of money.  Here are four simple tips you can use in either a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project

bathroom and kitchen remodeling


There are simple changes that can be made in these rooms, giving them a completely new look.  Anything from new counter-tops, new appliances, and lighting in the kitchen, additional storage facilities in both the kitchen and bathroom.

Remodeling makes a homeowner feel renewed and in case you decide to put up your home for sale, it will only add sale value. Here are the areas you should focus on:

Bathroom and kitchen lighting and painting

A dingy and uninteresting room is boring and depressing.  Change the color of your walls and storage facility.  All you need to do is to repaint the surfaces to give them a neutral look. Just add some accessories and splashes of color.

Look through renovation magazines to find color combination ideas for cabinets, walls, and other surfaces.  Get a professional painter in to paint the walls for you or do it yourself.

Changing your lighting system to something current is a great kitchen and bath remodeling technique. You may consider adding under the counter lights in the kitchen for great look and practicability. Fluorescent box lighting will also make your bathroom up to date.

Having the right cabinet surfaces

When we talk about room surfaces what we have in mind are countertops and even floors. For great remodeling, you may opt for either granite or tiles. For a more customized look, decorative tiles might be a closer option especially when they are installed on the splash-back. The color addition looks wonderful.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling appliances

How great a room looks, can depend on the appliances and features you have chosen. Buy a new bathtub for the bathroom or add a stainless steel fridge to your kitchen.  Having stainless steel in your kitchen can give it a clean and stylish look.

Make sure if you choose new appliances, measure the openings left by the old appliances. New ovens, microwaves, cookers, sinks are appliances and features that make a difference to any kitchen or bathroom.

Adding the kitchen and bathroom accessories

How you accessorize your bathroom or kitchen during a makeover determines how it will look before and after the changes. For instance, ceramic holders on top of the kitchen counters add a great deal of color and are practical as they hold sugar, pasta among other things.

Use accessories with colors that will complement the colors on the wall and on the floor of your bathroom. If you have enough wall space, use wall paintings and holders to make your room look distinctive.  Try hanging colorful hand towels in the bathroom for display purposes if you want a distinctive look.

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