Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Designs Ideas

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The Shaker kitchen cabinet movement began in the American colonies in the 1770s, and its design comes from social and religious backgrounds. Shakers lived inefficient, simple, and self-sustaining communities, and the homes they built followed similar principles of simplicity and functionality.

A focus on cleanliness, orderliness, and quality still makes the Shaker style popular for today’s kitchens.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Cabinet Layout

Function and efficiency are both prized by the Shaker style. When arranged in a layout that simplifies traffic through the kitchen, Shaker kitchen cabinets work well and support an efficient work triangle.

As the boundary is created if a straight line were drawn from the refrigerator to the sink, from the sink to the stove, and from the stove back to the refrigerator, it is defined by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

The best possible use of wall space would be made with the cabinets; economical seating could be added by a central island, and support the work triangle essential to the efficiency of a Shaker kitchen.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Designs


In Shaker kitchen cabinet design, neatness and function are highly important. A Shaker kitchen has ample and well-organized cabinet space with a place for everything as the shaker style shuns clutter.

Option for built-in cabinet features may be easily explored, such as plate racks, knife drawers, spice drawers, tilt-out or pull-out trash bins, sliding racks for small appliances, and lazy susans for pots and pans to create a kitchen that is organized, functional and uncluttered.

By using all available vertical space, installing tall upper cupboards that extend to the kitchen ceiling will help keep kitchen clutter off the counter and behind closed doors.


A strong emphasis is placed by Shaker style on quality craftsmanship. At the interior corners, well-made, sturdy cabinetry with dovetail joinery will withstand wear and tear and keep a Shaker-style kitchen looking and performing like new for years to come.

From hardwoods that are native to the northeastern United States, the Colonial area.  It was not only cabinets, but Shakers built their own furniture in the same way. The common materials for Shaker kitchen cabinets are cherry and maple.  Whereas woods like mahogany and hickory are not traditional Shaker woods.

Recessed panels are featured on the cabinet doors in the Shaker style.  Which is made from a flat slab of wood with simple framing around the edges. Straight sleek lines, across the entire span of cabinet faces, are created by these recessed panel doors and drawers.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Design Ideas

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Design Ideas


Shaker kitchen cabinets design may be painted or have a natural wood finish. Shakers often chose to paint cabinets in cream colors and even vibrant dark blue or deep red.  Although Shaker-style cabinets are made without molding, beading, or another adornment.

Hardware for Shaker kitchen cabinet designs should be not flashy, but functional. Drawer pulls and simple knobs made of turned wood or a matte-finished metal.  Such as brushed nickel support the Shaker style.

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