3 Best Tips for Basement Remodeling

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We’ve looked at basement finishing before.  If you have a basement, doing basement remodeling is an amazing way to add value to your home.  Try DIY if you have the skills or get a contractor in you to think you can’t do it.  The whole idea of remodeling your basement is so that you will have adequate space for whatever you want.

3 Simple Tips for Basement Remodeling

You can have a

  • adult playroom
  • kids playroom
  • guest room
  • Entertainment room

We can’t stress this enough, you must have waterproofed your basement.  Otherwise, the first lot of rain will damage whatever you have in the space.  If you want to try to remodel your basement, the following are some of the ideas you can use in the planning stage :

basement remodeling


Basement remodeling to keep water out

Plan for water damage.  You should install a waterproofing compound on the walls, this will serve as an extra precaution. If there are crevices and cracks, ensure that you fill them completely.

We’d recommend 2-by-2 inch nails so as to attach the furring strips onto the walls vertically keeping a gap of 16 inches from one to the other. You must make sure that you measure correctly since the Sheetrock normally comes in 48-inch widths.

After doing this, use the mastic adhesive or concrete nails to fasten the furring strips to the wooden walls or concrete. You can also use glue or nails to keep the wood panels firm and then fill all holes using matching putty.

Work on ventilation in the Basement

Ventilation should be placed between the wall of the interior paneling and the foundation of the basement. Make sure you plan enough ventilation, basements are notorious for being closed off with outflowing air.

Make sure you install electrical outlets.  You want enough to power whatever you might have in the basement.  When it comes to electrical work, we always recommend using a contractor to do electrical work.

Be creative with basement remodeling

This is one of the house areas where you can show your creativity. You can use various finishing materials or else you come up with a good theme for the house basement so as to make it more exciting and cool. Lighting is also another crucial area in the planning stage.  You want to make sure it has enough light, basements tend to be dark places.

Here are seven quick tips for things you should consider when doing basement remodeling:

  • If your basement feels damp. Use that space for storage instead of remodeling the basement.
  • Check if there is abnormal water seepage on the partitions or walls.
  • Ensure you have the right paint for the basement walls.
  • Check if the mildew or mold is increasing in your basement.
  • Check if it has any cracks or crevices.
  • Look if the floor is pulling up from the foundation or developing any cracks.
  • Check if there is corrosion in any furnaces, piping, or other metals in your basement.

Planning your basement remodel is very important before starting.  The above are just a few great ideas that you should consider before remodeling your basement. If you’re still unsure, get a professional interior designer in to do it for you.


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