Wells Fargo Renovation Loan

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A Wells Fargo Renovation loan would be beneficial to anyone wishing to own their dream home. This kind of home mortgage Loan Company is able to provide you with a wide range of renovation loan products to suit any of your home financial requirements. With a renovation loan, you will be able to transform your home into your own style. The Wells Fargo renovation loan enables you to not only make renovations easier but also is available for the purchase of a new home.

Purchase and Renovate Program

Planning renovations with a Wells Fargo Loan

Wells Fargo renovation loan is similar to those common housing finance loan companies regarding residential or renovation projects. The existence of these renovation loan companies is a result of the high cost of loans for renovations that may be unaffordable to consumers in lower economic situations.

This kind of renovation loan may be used by you for re-painting your house as well as plumbing and electrical work, however, it is not able to be used for the purchase of furniture to outfit the home.

You will be guided and assisted by a Wells Fargo renovation loan representative, to advise the loan options that are available to suit your requirements. Once their representative is contacted then a consultation with their professionals is free.

All your questions regarding renovation loans will be answered and assistance will be provided to you should you decide to undertake a loan from their service. Details will be provided to you in estimating the possible rate of the loan you may borrow for your home renovation project.

Research is the key to a successful outcome when considering a loan, and Wells Fargo welcomes your inquiries.

Wells Fargo Renovation Draw Center

Getting quotes from contractors

It is important to obtain quotes from qualified civil contractors.  For the work that you are intending to undertake before applying for a loan from Wells Fargo. A quote from a qualified architect would also be advisable before applying for the loan. This requirement is a common practice among all loan companies. It would help expiated the loan process for you.

Various types of home renovation loans are offered by Wells Fargo, both large and small. The Refinance and Renovate Program allows a consumer to refinance the mortgage loan more easily for a renovation loan.

However the Purchase and Renovate Program is available for both carrying out renovations and also in the purchasing a house. Each program has its own basic requirements and policy to deal with.

Before applying for a Wells Fargo renovation loan.  It’s advisable to ensure that all information related to your residential property is in order. Ensure that the loan you apply for is affordable for you and not beyond your budget. Be advised, should you choose a company other than Wells Fargo, carefully consider the liability of the renovation company itself.

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