6 Tips for Bathroom Resurfacing

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Next to a functional kitchen, the most important feature that any home buyer would look for in a house is the bathroom. Many potential homeowners have walked away from buying a property that ticks meets most of their boxes because of a bad bathroom.   You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a new bathroom.  Here are some really simple tips for bathroom resurfacing.


If you’re in the market for buying the property, and your looking at the bathroom and thinking no way, maybe bathroom resurfacing can work for you.

bathroom resurfacing

Doing a bathroom remodel usually involves changing the tiles because they are either worn or really dated. It can also involve replacing the bathroom hardware, repainting or retiling the walls, replacing the windows, or refurbishing wooden cabinets.

If you are on a tight budget, you don’t have to rebuild the bathroom from scratch. You can consider doing the remodeling in bits from priority areas to fewer priority areas.

Bathroom resurfacing for a new bathroom look

Resurfacing the bathroom tiles

Tiles are a major part of most bathrooms. If you are on a tight budget, you can consider replacing the broken tiles, assuming you can get matching tiles.  If the budget allows, you can replace all the tiles with tiles of your choice which meet your color and pattern preference.

Replacing tiles is a job that needs a lot of patience and accuracy. If you are not a pro you can consider hiring a professional tiler who can do the job for you. You will be amazed how your bathroom looks will be enhanced by this simple step.

Repainting the walls

Repainting the bathroom walls can enhance the look of your bathroom. When repainting, remember to remove the flaked areas by use of the sandpaper. If the bathroom wall was covered by wallpaper you can consider using a steamer to remove the paper easily. Some of the colors you can use on the walls are white, beige, and creamy white.

It will help if you can get a professional painter to give it the perfect touch.

Replacing bathroom hardware

The upgrading of your tub fixtures and shower can enhance your experience in the bathroom. You can also consider adding towel shelves, adding mirrors, and replacing the door handles. These changes can improve the looks of your bathroom.

Replacing bathroom fixtures may seem like an expensive exercise but if you’re smart in the way you go about it you can save a lot. You can consider buying from second-hand stores.

How to resurface your bathroom


Replacing bathroom accessories

You can buy new towels, curtains or rugs. Try matching the color of these items to give a uniform look. Apart from that, you can add a plaque or a picture on a wall.  A new set of accessories can improve your bathroom look without having to repaint the bathroom.

Bathroom resurfacing cabinets

This may involve replacing the broken parts and repainting the cabinet. There are some who prefer stained cabinets thus a coat of varnish will do. Before applying paint or varnish, you need to clean the surface by sanding. One of the favorite colors to use on a wooden cabinet is white.

Refurbishing the bathroom floor

Not all bathroom floors have tiles. Some older homes are wooden or have carpets. As having a carpeted floor is not recommended since they absorb moisture. Tear the carpet up, you might find a nice wooden floor you can enhance its look by applying a fresh coat of varnish.


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