How To Decorate Your Bathroom With Americana Bathroom Accessories

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A super popular decorating style that seems to be gaining popularity is the Americana style. This is famous among Americans who want to exhibit their heritage and among the people who are non-Americans, that want to get a themed room in the home. It is famous because of its clear relation with America and with its style and color scheme.  There are so many Americana Bathroom Accessories you can choose to decorate with.

americana bathroom accessories


What colors makeup Americana Bathroom Accessories?

The primary colors are similar as seen on the American flag, white, red, and blue.  The combinations are availed together in different ways to make an Americana room. When you need to get a subdued American feel you can look for less contrasting colors like pale blue, cream, and dark red.

Even though you can avail these three colors in equal amounts to make a beautiful room.  A large number of people like to favor one color like the base and work the other color around it.

Why the bathroom is the best room for the Americana theme

The bathroom gives a good room to test with this theme, and you can use Americana Bathroom Accessories freely in the room.

It is a small room and decorating your bathroom can look like a springboard for decorating ideas for bigger rooms.

Wallpaper is another choice for a border or finishing wall covering.

Select a pattern like stripes, stars, or rustic paintings of American flags. Look online or you can also directly visit the home improvement store to get samples for prints.

Rustic is the best method to consider for flooring for an Americana-themed bathroom. Painted floorboards and distressed hardwoods perfectly suit this excellent decorating theme.

You can also paint your cement floors. Think of the antique white floor paint which can be inflated with a beautiful star stencil in blue or red. A braided mat or carpet is another choice for a beautiful fashion on the floor.

How to treat your bathroom accessories

Try theming the window treatments, towels, and a fabric shower curtain to represent the Americana theme in the bathroom.

Try hanging towels with nationalistic prints or layer white, red, and blue solids. A blue colored towel draped on the white and red striped suits this theme. You can consider keeping a shower curtain that complements the pattern of the towels. Window treatments like distressed wooden shutters give a rustic visual image.

Buy a nationalized themed toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. Keep these bathroom accessories on the distressed wooden serving plate to make an Americana inflection piece.

Add those little extras

Extra accent materials that match the Americana designs are a wicker wastebasket, candleholders, pressed tin stars, country-themed wall prints, and a wooden framed mirror. There are lots of places where you can shop for Americana décor.

Even though the best place to begin will be based on the style you are searching for. People who are interested in authentic American bathroom accessories and products can look in antique stores that provide a different range of items.

If you find these antique stores are costly when finding for bathroom accessories to use decoratively.  Then try to get a bargain at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. There are plenty of online stores that have these items to select from.

Make a brief search and find the best online retailer to get your Americana bathroom accessories.

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