Ralph Lauren Metallic Paint Colors

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Sophisticated, classic shades of copper, bronze, blue, silver and green with a touch of shimmer is offered by Ralph Lauren’s Regent Metallic line of paint colors. Ralph Laurent Regent Metallic paint color is available in 40 different colors, inspired by the military and heraldic trim. The look is meant to make a room appear understated yet elegant. Because they create the intended texture for the shimmer of the paint color, it is advisable to begin  painting with the specially Ralph Laurent Regent Metallic brand brushes, roller and roller covers. The  location of the store nearest to you that carries Ralph Lauren paint and painting products is able to be found on the Ralph Lauren Home website – RalphLauenhome.com

Ralph Lauren Metallic Wall Paint

Ralph Lauren Metallic Wall Paint

Use The Following Ralph Lauren Metallic paint color instructions:

Requirements that you will need: Painter’s tape, Latex primer, 4.5-inch Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic roller, 9-inch Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic roller cover and 3-inch nylon/ poly trim brush.

  1. The day before you begin to paint, tape should be applied along the areas you do not want to be painted. This ensures even and straight lines between what will be painted and what will not.  The walls will require priming so  apply a thin coat of latex primer evenly over the wall  that you wish to paint, and  allow to dry thoroughly, preferably for the rest of the day.
  2. With the  4.5-inch roller  dip  into your Ralph Laurent Regent Metallic paint color, and then smoothly roll it horizontally and vertically along the taped areas. It is easier to paint along your taped areas with this roller because this is a thinner roller.  There may be some area’s that this roller is too small for then the 3″ brush will solve the problem.
  3. With the 9-inch roller loaded with paint, Paint in a V formation in the top 20-by-20-inch section of the wall. When the roller runs out of paint, reload it and then paint another V below your first V in another 20-by-20-inch section. With this technique, you are  painting  downward.
  4.  Continue to paint ceiling to floor by filling in a 20-by-20-inch column  of your wall.
  5. Steps 3 and 4 should be repeated along the entire wall.  Allow the first coat to dry for at least 4 hours before you begin the same process again for your second coat.  The finished result shows a texture, that enhances the metallic shimmer, when this style of painting is used.
Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic

Ralph Lauren Regent Metallic

6. Use the  3-inch nylon/ poly trim brush to, finish areas too small for your roller brushes,  painting evenly  in a single direction. Two  coats should be considered ample, however it all depends on the wall surface and ow well the paint has covered , just be sure each coat is allowed to dry for four hours.

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