A Custom Designed Kitchen Island

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In the kitchen, a custom designed kitchen island is ideal for increasing work space and storage in a room that is perhaps the most widely used in the home. Custom designed kitchen islands are made to suit personal style or preference, though actually the style and design of these pieces do vary greatly. Island shape, size and design is going to depend largely on the layout of the kitchen and how much space is available. Depending on which style is selected, the preferred size will vary greatly.

Arts and Craft Kitchen Design Information

Arts and Craft Kitchen Design Information


This kind of custom designed kitchen islands are among the most commonly used styles for modern kitchens. Two counter tops aligned perpendicular to one another is existed in L-shapes, and perhaps, it is the most diverse option when it comes to storage options. Meaning it works for small or large spaces, the size of the L-shapes may be customized to just about any length. The addition of drawers or shelves is permitted by this custom designed kitchen island’s style, and space along the exterior for seating is provided by its design. Though a minimum of three or four is better if space allows, a good rule of thumb is to make counter tops no less than two feet deep.

Square or Rectangular

To fit in most kitchen sizes and styles, traditional shape, a simple, squares and rectangles are diverse enough. Good flow for cooking and baking is promoted by this kind of custom design kitchen islands, and also allows for easy movement while entertaining. Primarily depending on the needs of the homeowner and size of the space, the average sizes vary greatly. Either shape may include simple base cabinets when customizing, or a combination of cabinets, drawers and shelves as needed. However, for sitting or eating, it leaves little, which is the one drawback of square or rectangular custom-designed kitchen island. Generally, though the size of either style may be customized as needed, it should be no less than two feet deep.

Dual Islands

The common choice for customized kitchens is Dual Island, which a great deal of space is required by this type of custom designed kitchen island, and such are best used in oversized kitchens in a home with an open floor plan. Two islands are incorporated by the style, which are placed next to one another. While the other provides empty counter top space for working, a standard kitchen sink will be featured by one side. A deeper counter top is the norm since this style is significantly larger than standard designs. Though this size is usually adjusted to fit proportionally in the space, a minimum of three feet should be made available.

Central Styles

Arts and Crafts Kitchen Design ideas

Arts and Crafts Kitchen Design ideas

Like dual designs, central styles are best used in open, large areas. A standard square, L-shape or rectangle may be incorporated by the design, or even be specially designed with a custom shape. The features, besides unique shapes, which is including a sink, drawers, dishwasher or shelving may be added.

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