Custom Cottage Bathroom Cabinets

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If you are looking for custom cottage bathroom cabinets, you can try fresh and light with a comfortable and lived-in look, combined to give a cottage style in your bathroom. For a look that’s your own, try to blend new with old. while any pale shade works in a cottage-styled room, which includes bathrooms, white is still the dominant color.

Pieces that look as though they each have a history and a story to tell may be considered to be added, rather than selecting perfectly matched items that look brand new.

Custom Bathroom Cabinet


Rather than custom built-ins, a homey and cottage look is usually obtained by freestanding cabinetry. This kind of custom cottage bathroom cabinets may be purchased ready-made or even customized to your requirements.

There is the option to choose a prefabricated piece and raise it off the floor by simply adding short legs. An old dresser may also be converted into a sink vanity, giving a more cottage feel. Shorten the depth of the drawers, for plumbing you may need to cut holes in the cabinet’s bottom and dress it up with a coat of paint.

A porcelain sink is able to be installed on the top and a copper or bronze faucet could be added. For additional storage, scour the flea markets for pieces like small wood chests of drawers or nightstands.

To contrast with the white sink cabinet, just leave them finished in a natural wood grain. As recommended by Cottage Home Decorating, a white, porcelain pedestal sink should be considered if your bathroom is short on space.

Custom Order Bathroom Cabinets Resources

Walls and Floors

In your cottage bathroom, the solid surfaces have visual appeal. Frequently, for its charm and character, white beaded board paneling is chosen in cottage decorating. It may be installed from floor to ceiling or stopped at wainscoting height and the upper portion of the wall may be painted with pale, soft turquoise or white.

From windows to baseboards, all trims should be painted creamy white. In cottage bathrooms, there are plenty of flooring options. So as long as the floor is kept immaculately clean, rustic wood floors look lovely, even if you don’t refinish them.

As explained by Home Know-It-All, hexagonal tiles are another vintage, authentic look. They come in mesh sheets ready to install in a perfect pattern with little fuss and measuring required.

Vintage Country Cottage Bathroom Vanities and Cabinetry

Bathtub and Shower

Look into the options of new models with the same character.  If an antique tub is out of your price range. As long as the design blends with custom cottage bathroom cabinets, it would be acceptable.  Nothing says “cottage” quite like the curved lines of an antique.  Such as the inviting look of a claw foot bathtub.

Noted by Victoriana Magazine, some very convincing claw foot tubs are available in acrylic. They weigh a fraction of their porcelain over their iron counterparts. The ceiling-mounted shower heads can be installed.

You can also try a shower head extended from the wall is another option. Another style with curved lines is slipper-style bathtubs, their backs are higher and made for an enjoyable relaxing soak.

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