Ensuite Bathroom Ideas For Your Home

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Depending on where you are from, an en-suite bath or the ensuite bathroom refers to an additional bathroom in the house that is connected to a bedroom, usually the master bedroom. Although this is usually the most common room to have an en suite installed, obviously they are not limited to only being installed in  the master bedroom. Since bedrooms tend to increase in size along with the property there is an opportunity for making them viable rooms for an ensuite, larger houses sometimes have several en suites.

You will never find an en-suite installed in a hallway or other common areas such as the kitchen or dining room; however, it does not take the title of an en suite bathroom’s  if there is a bathroom adjoined to one of these rooms. To be classed as an en-suite there has to be six pieces of plumbing equipment and fixtures installed. As such, whether it stays as a simple toilet and basin room or expands into a full bathroom is entirely up to the house owner & builder if there is a lot of space for the development of the bathroom.

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

En-suite Bathroom Ideas

Whether your ensuite bathroom is small or large, the overall efficiency of the space could be affected by the way you design your room. It is an idea to have a list of everything you would  like to include in your en-suite before you begin designing your space, things like a separate shower or a double shoer etc.  By making this list, it will save you time and maybe money in the event a mistake in designing is made.

Save on Space

To save on space if your en-suite bathroom is small, choose  design elements that do not take up a lot of room. For instance, install a  corner sink rather than a large single sink and vanity cabinet. A shower  may be installed in place of a bathtub or use a shower bath combination, extra storage could be created up top around the ceiling for hanging items on hooks instead of stacking them.

Open Up

 To store towels and toiletries, open shelves could be used in place of closed cabinet storage. Make the space look larger by trying lighter colors on the floors and walls, and add a window or a set of skylights to bring a breeze and natural light into the room, if your budget permits. For an even more open effect, sink-top clutter may be banished to under the sink in a cabinet , inside a closet or on a shelf.

Design Ideas for Ensuite Bathrooms

Design Ideas for Ensuite Bathrooms

Add Detail

By adding detail, your bathroom will be given  character. Instead of installing curtains or blinds, maybe a set of old shutters would be able to put up  on the inside of the windows. You could create a mosaic floor with a variety of tiles in different shades of same color, or choose an unusual baseboard or molding with intricate detailing. Detail could be added to your walls by installing a bead board or get colorful with glass or ceramic wall tiles.

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