How to Paint a Room with Two Colors

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If you have a plan for  painting your home for a new look, its a good idea. We recommended that you use two color shades on the walls. Now, painting with two colors is a interesting trend and its a fun way to paint your room.

Painting with two colors will give a  great impression for your room. Your room will look colorful and have an interesting look. When you choose two colors for painting the wall it can make your home environment look good and more attractive.

How do you paint one room two color

How do you paint one room two color

There are plenty of different colors you can try to make your room look good. But the first thing you should remember that not all colors will work the best your area. Make sure you make a good decision about it.

In choosing the right color you can search on online, magazine or ask your friends. Gather the ideas you have. We will also share with you about the right color that will best complement your home environment.

Dramatic and striking effect

Looking for the dramatic and striking color, you can try violet and yellow, red and green colors. You can use this complementary color for a child’s bedroom or teenager bedroom. This color will balance your environment and besides that, they can stimulate for your kids. Both of these colors can help to highlight the room as well.

How to Paint a Room With Two Different Colors

How to Paint a Room With Two Different Colors

Balance effect

Looking for more balance, purple and white is good option. Purple and white are a good complement. Both of these colors can make your room look more coordinated. You can try these complementary colors for your bedroom or living room.

Painting with two colors is the easiest and simple. In this case we will also share with you about How to paint a room with two colors? So read more this article to get more information. Here are

  • Choosing the paint color

The first step you to do this process are choosing the paint color. Make sure you make a good decision about this. You can choose the paint colors above if you want. If you have another option you can use your ideas.

How to Paint Your Room Two Colors

How to Paint Your Room Two Colors

  • Purchase the paint color

Purchase enough paint in the two colors of your choosing to cover your walls. To determine the paint color that you need you can measure the total length of the walls and then multiply this number by the height of the ceilings.



  • Preparing your wall for painting

Prepare your wall and make sure your wall is dry and clean. Besides that you should check your wall whether it has holes, cracks, or imperfections. To prepare it, you can use a mass sealant or mastic and spread with a spatula to fill.  After drying, you can use sandpaper to smooth the walls and removes all the dust.

  1. Apply one coat of primer to all off the walls. Use a roller to  covere your walls with primer color.
  2. Now, you can apply the complementary color. Use painter’s tape to create any design you want, to create a paint stripes with two colors. This is the popular techniques most used often with two colors.

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