Michigan Stadium Renovation Pictures

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Michigan Stadium was opened in 1927 and has maintained its state of being one of the biggest stadiums in the nation. The gradual change of this stadium may be seen from some of Michigan stadium renovation pictures.

Michigan has had some renovation that made it even larger and wider than the already huge width that it was. Many factors decided the necessity of the renovation of the stadium. You will be shown pictures of the stages and development steps that have happened in the renovation process during each period.

Some people have been very curious as to what the renovations looked like. They all are pretty aware of the huge demeanor that Michigan stadium possessed and the grand renovation it would take. Thus, most of them, to serve their curiosity, would surf and browse for some Michigan stadium renovation pictures.

Michigan Stadium Renovation Pictures

Why Michigan Stadium renovation Had to be Done

There are some factors that made the Michigan stadium developers decide on all of those renovations. Since there were some increasing aspects as well, they said that the renovations had to be taken.

Those factors that influenced the decision could be seen from the caption accompanying the Michigan Stadium renovation pictures. At first, the increasing interest in football interest was one of the main factors for those renovations.

Many teenagers had been interested and influenced by the previous football players that played in Michigan stadium. As time went by, the audience had also increased along with the number of the players. The developer, therefore, decided that it would be better to expand their stadium to accommodate all of those players and fans.

It was the construction that was approved in 1926, as you could see from the first picture of Michigan stadium renovation pictures. Michigan was said to be a model that was influenced by Yale bowl at that time.

With the cost of OS $950 million, this stadium’s construction was completely finished. In late 1927, while this stadium could only seat 72 thousand fans after the first renovation, the university completed the construction of Michigan Stadium and then added 10 thousand additional seats to it.

You could also see their renovation in 1930 from Michigan stadium renovation pictures when they added some electronic scoreboards. The audience could keep up with the score because these scoreboards were placed at each end zone of the stadium.

Seating capacity has been increased

The seating capacity was expanded to nearly 100 thousand seats in the bigger renovation which took place in 1949. Later in 1956, the university decided to take on yet another renovation to expand the seating capacity to 101,001. In 1969 and 1973, there were several additional renovations to renovate the grass field and box seats.

Some pictures of Michigan stadium renovation pictures during the late two decades are the last. Michigan Stadium has expanded again to 102 thousand seats and also added video scoreboards from 1991 to 1998.

In 2007 the renovation was$226 million for 83 luxurious box seats and other renovations. With the cost of US $226 million, this renovation was completed in 2010 then called “The Big House”. In 2011 a new improved scoreboard was added to the stadium.

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