Try A Multi-Level Kitchen Island Design

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Island benches can be an effective addition to any kitchen, and there is nothing better than a Multi-Level Kitchen Island Design. Not only does it allow more cupboard space.  It is also an ideal place to have hot plates or a sink with a dishwasher underneath. Alternately it is often useful as a breakfast bar.  Having a multi-level kitchen design can be a great design element for any kitchen.

Multi-Level Kitchen Island Design

Multi-Height Kitchen Benches


 How to build a multi-level kitchen island design

It’s pretty easy actually just follow the instructions below.  Although if you are not a capable handyman, get a kitchen contractor in.

Things you will need.

  •  2 x 18-inch vanity drawer bases
  • Variable-speed drill
  • 1/16-inch drill bit
  • Countersink drill bit
  • Wood glue
  • Philips head screw tip
  • 2 x ½-inch drywall screws
  • 1 x 36-inch kitchen drawer base
  • 1 x ¼-inch drywall screws
  • Contact cement
  • Paintbrush
  • 5-x-36-inch laminate
  • The 36-inch kitchen bar top
  • and a 36-inch vanity countertop.

How-to add a multi-level island

  1. The drawers need to be removed from the two 18-inch vanity drawer bases. At the middle, top, and bottom of one of the face frames, drill pilot holes with the 1/16-inch drill bit.
  2. Countersink holes should be drilled ¼-inch deep. Apply glue to the outside of the face frame with the holes in it, it should also be able to slide tight against the other 18-inch cabinet and secured with the 2 ½-inch drywall screws.
  3. The 36-inch kitchen base cabinet must be set so the back of it faces the back of the two 18-inch vanity drawer bases.
  4. Glue must be applied again to the top of the back of the 18-inch cabinets, and the cabinets pushed together, back to back. By using the 1 ¼-inch drywall screws, screw together through the back of the 36-inch cabinet, they must be secured into the nailing strip located at the top of the 18-inch cabinets.
  5. Apply contact cement to the back of the tallest cabinet.
  6. The laminate must be secured to the back of the cabinet. Install the countertop according to the manufacturer’s instructions to the kitchen base.
  7. However, there are things you should have to keep in mind in order to build a multi-level kitchen island with your own design. Install flat mold where the backs of the cabinets meet to hide the joint. C-clamps may be used to hold the face frames together while securing them. It is important to have proper ventilation when applying contact cement. Do not leave power tools unattended in the presence of children.

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