Pottery Barn Paint Colors 2009

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You may be helped on deciding color combination to re-paint your house by Pottery Barn paint colors summer 2015. You are given perfect ideas of color combination that makes a beautiful and eye catching combination of this paint colors summer trend. The color scheme for this 2015 is dominated by pastel shades with a punchy colors mix with a dark tone and complemented by nature colors as well. Unique and also attractive are the results of the color combination which is offered by  the Pottery Barn paint colors summer 20015 range, though color combinations that you would not commonly think of mixing together, but amazingly look good and complete each other well.

Popular selected Pottery Barn

Popular selected Pottery Barn

An electric and energizing atmosphere is delivered to any room in your house by this first Pottery Barn color summer 2015. This color combination is formed by mixing soft floral colors with deeper natural colors that make sure that the room not only looks more natural, but also eye catching. Therefore, grey, brown, green and peach colors are all dominating this color scheme.

Secondly, a color scheme that delivers soothing, healing color combination for your house is also offered by Pottery Barn paint colors summer 2015 range. A mix of jeweled tone colors with botanical hues is provided by this color combination. Therefore, this color combination is also dominated by bright yellow, leaf green and also beige grey. You will be surely create a cool mood and calming atmosphere by this color combination.

Pottery Barn Colors Benjamin Moore Paint Fan Deck Customer

Another suggestion by the Pottery Barn paint color summer 2015 range is dominated by chalk white color with dark slate and strong purples. Various paints could be freely used and even mixed, such as brown lavender, deep purple, lilac and chalky white colors. a perfect scheme that delivers futuristic and romantic atmosphere to your room is provided by this color combination, also it delivers richness and elegant atmosphere to your house.

However, if you want to apply the colours from the Pottery Barn paint colors 2015 summer range to your house, there are also some tips. First point is, you have to make your accents in the room to be sharper than the color of the wall itself. For instance, you just need to choose one wall to be re-painted in punch color, in case your room was painted in a natural tone color already. Afterwards, the other colors from the color combination you chose could be simply added through other accessories such as pillows, bedding, curtains or throw rugs.

Pottery Barn Paint Colors Summer 2009 Plan for Home Design

Pottery Barn Paint Colors Summer 2009 Plan for Home Design

Second, when you are applying Pottery Barn paint color summer 2015, it would be better to have color blocking party. For each wall, different colors should be painted with rectangular or stripe patterns. All colors that are in the list of chosen color combination could be used, or simply use two of the color combination to start painting your room, which should be well considered.

Though these color combination became quite popular in 2009 and 2010 paint color trends, it is better you search for other ideas on Pottery Barn website as well.

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